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Community based tourism

How to get to know the real country side life

The social project that established the lodge has also developed a number of community sites together with a local NGO (TESFA) to enable international tourists discover the wonders of Tigray.

“Walk through the age-old agrarian landscape of the Ethiopian Highlands following escarpments with birds of prey soaring in the thermals and Gelada baboon scrambling up and down the cliff face. Local shepherd boys keep an eye on their flocks, while their fathers plough the fields, and their sisters collect water in clay pots.”

The project has developed together with TESFA, a network of 7 community sites in different parts of Tigray from which you can choose the most suitable trek for you. From an easy trek through farms to a more challenging one to the most hidden rock-hewn churches in Tigray. All treks offer beautiful landscapes and an unforgettable experience.

You can start your programme at anyone of the sites. Your decision will depend on where you are coming from, where you are going to after the community acheter du cialis en ligne trekking and how you travel to the sites (public transport, hired vehicle or your own vehicle). Even if you don’t want to stay overnight there are several possibilities to do a one day trip to our sites. One possibility is to visit Anaf, the closest site to our lodge. Getting there will take you around 1 hour by car and then around a 2 to 3 hours trek to the site. This trek will enable you to see the spectacular landscape of the cliffs of Tigray.

Community based tourism

For further information please visit http://www.community-tourism-ethiopia.com/index.htm or contact our Office in Adigrat.