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Location & practical information


The lodge is locate in the historical route of North Ethiopia, 2 and a half hours away from Axum and Mekelle airport. Visit our what to do section for more information on the surroundings.  

How to get there

- By air: from Axum and Mekelle airports. 3 hours drive to the lodge.
- By bus
- By car


To enter the country you need a passport valid for at least the next 6 months. One month tourist visas may be obtained at the airport upon arrival.


To travel to Ethiopia is mandatory yellow fever vaccination justified by the relevant international vaccination card. It is also highly recommended contemplate cholera vaccine, hepatitis A and B, malaria (not present in the region of the lodge but spread in other areas of the country) and typhoid.
The most acheter viagra common diseases among travelers and expatriates are gastrointestinal. Therefore special caution with food (not eating unpeeled fruits or vegetables that have not been previously cooked) and water (careful not to drink tap water). Contact your embassy anyhow, as compulsory vaccinations may vary from time to time.


- 'Etiopía: hombres, lugares y mitos', Juan González Núñez.
- ‘First footsteps in East Africa’, Francis Richard Burton.
- 'Memoria del pasado', Jordi Llompart.
- 'The emperor’, R. Kapuscinski.
- 'Africa llora', Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa.


- “Luciano Serra pilota”, 1938 film based on the Italian-Ethiopian wars.
- In 1973 John Guillermin filmed “Shaft in Africa”. Although not a very good film, the story was filmed in Ethiopia and may help guests to get a grasp of the landscape.
- Guests keen on legend will enjoy with “Solomon and Sheba”, filmed in 1959 by King Vidor, starring Yul Brynner and Gina Lollobrigida.