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The monastery of Gunda Gundo

A visit to the cradle of Tigray

Legend has it that ancient Ethiopians hid away in the area of Gunda Gundo during the Muslim invasion because the chain of mountains where this monastery is built were almost impregnable. Further, “gorilla” fighters (those who started the rebellion against the communist regime) also found shelter in these mountains. It is in this setting where you will find the monastery of Gunda Gundo, one of the oldest and most famous monasteries of Ethiopia.

To reach the monastery follow the signpost at the north side of Edaga Hamus (Thursday Market). Continue 24Km along the road suitable for 4 WD vehicle to north east of Edaga Hamus that leads to Geblen, a village situated on the edge of the escarpment. From this location walk roughly 4-5 hours along a steep track that drops into a gorge below and continue its sunken path to the isolated historic site. The landscape on the way to the monastery is very spectacular.

This two day trip is more than worth it if you like history, wild life and beautiful landscapes. However, it must be advised that unfortunately female visitors are not allowed inside the main church.

The monastery of Gunda Gundo

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