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Restaurant & Bar

Agoro Lodge provides you with a high quality restaurant that offers a mix of international and local dishes, suitable for all palates. Our chef offers top quality cuisine, giving a special attention to detail within a tasteful decor.

All dishes are made from local products, bought by our chef in the local market of Adigrat, from farmers and social projects in the area. The menu changes daily, offering you a range of appetizers, main dishes and deserts. You will be able to try the local “injera” (see below for a definition) as the base of the local cuisine and enjoy our delicious custard.

The dining room has astonishing views facing the surrounding chain of mountains and the town of Adigrat. Comfortable seating, white table linens and vibrant modern craftworks decorate the restaurant where you will be served by our local professional waiters. With a ratio of 8:1 guests to staff, top quality service is guaranteed at all times.

Some local dishes you might be able to try whenever coming to Ethiopia are the following:

Injera: or the bread of the highlands is is a flat, spongy textured, crêpe-shaped bread made normally from teff (a local cereal) and used as the base of almost all Ethiopian dishes in the highlands. Following the Ethiopian custom it is eaten by tearing off a small piece of injera, wrapping it around the sauce or meat and eating it all together as a small delicious piece of injera-sandwich. 
Tibs: is a traditional dish that will delight our carnivorous clients and that is made from goat or lamb, cut into small pieces and served together with injera or bread. There is also a variation called special tibs where the meat is served in a traditional hot pot with charcoal. Normally, tibs of any kind are served with a small dollop of hot-red-pepper paste known as awazé, into which the diner dips every injera-wrapped morsel."
Berebere: or the http://cialisfrance24.com base of almost all Ethiopian dishes, berebere will travel together with you throughout your stay in Ethiopia. It is a seasoning prepared from red chilli peppers, sun-dried together with over 15 different spices and milled extra-fine to give all the dishes the special Ethiopian taste.
Shiro: Shiro is a yellow coloured mixture and is prepared from roasted and powdered chick peas (peas), dry and powdered, garlic, ginger, and other spices simmered in unique, hot and spicy berbere sauce with vegetable oil. 
Fasting food:  Fasting is an ancient tradition in Ethiopia coming from their Coptic Orthodox Church with the aim of weakening the body to share the pain that Jesus Christ suffered for all human kind. Nowadays however, it has been the source of a good number of dishes that would delight the vegetarian and vegan clients. Amongst the large selection of dishes the most common one is injera topped with several small and colourful portions of lentils, peas and other vegetables.