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All our rooms are designed following traditional local architecture. We have used environmental friendly construction techniques, local hand-chiselled stones according to Ethiopian local tradition, stone-made roofs and wooden ceiling interiors**.

Rooms are equipped with high quality furniture supplied by different social projects that support unemployed youth and other socially vulnerable groups, always giving priority to materials sourced from the surrounding areas.

* Facilities include 190x90cm single beds, high quality mattresses, linen and blankets, hot water, bedside table and chairs, cabinets and high quality finishing.

** As part of our environmental principles, the lodge is reinvesting part of its profit in replanting trees equivalent to twice the amount of wood used for the construction of the lodge.

"Staying in Agoro Lodge is like going back in time with all the comfort of a modern lodge"

"The rooms are cozy, rustic and at the same time comfortable and relaxing"

Four of the rooms are located on the west side of the plot of land facing the city of Adigrat. You can enjoy the views of the chain of mountains surrounding Adigrat, the country farms...

The lodge offers two additional square huts, four rooms each, designed as well according to traditional architecture but including some extra space for further comfort. Rooms face all cardinal points and...