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Standard rooms 19 m2

Four of the rooms are located on the west side of the plot of land facing the city of Adigrat. You can enjoy the views of the chain of mountains surrounding Adigrat, the country farms down the hill, while enjoying the sunset.

The lodge also offers you the opportunity of sleeping in round huts designed according to the traditional architecture of other parts of the country. Each hut has three double rooms from which you will be able to grasp the country life of Ethiopia. Depending on the room you can have a view of neighbouring farmers cultivating and harvesting their fields; relax while admiring the Adigrat chain of mountains or enjoy the Tigray sunrise.

All rounded rooms are equally shaped, 19 sqm in size, and fully equipped with twin beds*, en-suite bathrooms and all the usual facilities according to high quality international standards.

*Double beds may be available upon request